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Hiking in beautiful landscapes. The marked trails that crisscross the Buëch are located between 600 and 1800m height. Nearby not less than 50 circuits are offered more than 500kmsfor all levels, from very easy to difficult from 1h30 to + 6h walk with gradients between 40 and 1100m.

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On the quiet roads of Buëch far from the flow of traffic, easy to very difficult tours of 20 to 110km with sometimes 2000m gradients and up to 7 mountains passes.
The gorges of the Méouge – Prince of Oranges road – The lavender road …

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Hikes in altitude or easy paths close to 1400km of marked trails for all levels.

Tours with 4 to 50km with gradients of up to 1400m, you will discover the treasures of a contrasted and preserved nature. Chabre tour- The Beaumont Rock –Chevalet tour…

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In Orpierre, there are 8 distinct cliffs from a height of 30 to 150 m. You will find more than 670 equipped ways, a wide variety of levels (from 3a to 8c).

Nearby, others sites allow to vary the pleasures.

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Webcam cliffs   Le Quiquillon

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